Any Port on the Net

Debuting Black Lantern’s very own security podcast

Any Port on the Net is the Black Lantern take on security podcasting. The goal is to create an anything goes security show. Join us as we cover topics including current events, story times, shared experienced, and tactics. We plan to cover both red and blue team sides of the house; as well as some outside of the industry perspective.

This podcast is hosted by Sam Fox and Chase Lindquist, members of the Black Lantern Security Red Team.

Episode 00: So Long and Thanks for All the Phish

In our inaugural episode we chat with Carson Salis, Black Lantern’s own phishing guru. We hit on how to devise phishing campaigns from the premise to the payload. Carson details how OpSec, OSINT, and creative writing all play into a successful campaign. We reminisce on hitting a brick wall and there may even be a ghost story at the end.

The podcast can be downloaded or streamed from your favorite podcasting apps or from our page on Anchor.

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