Building a Community

Black Lantern has opened up a public Discord server to grow a strong cybersecurity community

The belief in doing our best to give back to the Cybersecurity community rests as a central tenant of the Black Lantern Security ethos. From writing up blog posts on detection research or by releasing new open source tools that help in our day to day as penetration testers. The objective is the same - add back to the community to balance what we have been lucky enough to take from it.

We have noticed, however, that sometimes these efforts feel one sided. We want to foster a more collaborative environment for idea sharing. Traditionally, a post may go out and there may be a discussion for a day or two, but that feels limited. Or when a tool is dropped, did we create enough useful documentation?

The feeling of one-sidedness and the desire to have a better connection with those of you that consume our content has led us to this post. We are at the point where we want to increase our community presence and leverage a common platform for discourse (discourse… discord, get it?). And, as the title of this post kind of gives away, we are launching a public Black Lantern Security Discord server for the cybersecurity community.

BLS Discord

Click the logo to join in! We have a channel dedicated to the podcast, a channel for hack chat, and a couple of off topic areas for fun.

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