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We believe in community driven initiatives that foster collaboration and inclusivity. As a way to promote this belief, BLS offers free and open source tools and free versions of commercial products for the Cybersecurity community.

Enter The Matrix

Threat matrices made easy.

Threat matrices are essential to providing an accurate assessment of organizational risk. Threat matrices, however, are often criticized for inaccuracies in the presentation of data. Enter The Matrix (ETM) is a free and open source software application that provides organizations with a standardized approach for assigning risk to attack activities by creating attack scenarios from “templated” events. ETM allows operators and analysts to quickly develop, analyze, and illustrate threat matrices for a wide range of organizations.

  • Templated threat events
  • Threat matrix export
  • Custom graph icons
  • LDAP authentication
  • Logic and functionality based on NIST 800-30r1 standards
  • Events and scenarios based on MITRE ATT&CK Framework TTPs


Ditch your frustrating, out of date reporting tool.

We’ve all experienced the frustrations that accompany formatting, placement, and content generation. Consultants are burdened with the responsibility of tracking down templates, conforming to style-guides, and wrestling unruly figures, tables, and text into a single Microsoft Word document. WriteHat enables consultants to quickly and easily generate reports based on raw data, screenshots, and re-usable content.

  • Customize and clone templates
  • Drag-and-drop report building
  • Create a findings database
  • Easy to use figures and tables
  • Markdown support
  • LDAP integration

How Our Tools Can Help

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