Attack to Defend

By analyzing and simulating the most relevant attacks, Black Lantern Security delivers solutions that provide immediate reductions in organizational risk.

BLS Services

Black Lantern Security provides a complete suite of Offensive and Defensive Cybersecurity Services. Our unspoken objective is to understand the business as well as its Leadership and Employees. As a result, we deliver solutions specifically tailored to the customer’s business objectives, resources, and overall mission.

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BLS Products

Black Lantern Security products were born in the trenches. The genesis for each offering can be traced back to a specific problem that an Operator or Analyst was trying to solve. From penetration testing reporting tools to breach and attack simulation (BAS) platforms, Black Lantern Security designs cutting edge products influenced by, and in response to, the evolving cybersecurity battlefield.

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BLS Tools

Black Lantern Security would not be what it is today without the amazing, free, and open source (FOSS) tools that are constantly published and made available within the community. In keeping with that spirit, Black Lantern Security has and will continue to publish community-driven, FOSS tools and offer free versions of several commercial products.

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