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BBOT Helpers

In this section are various helper functions that are designed to make your life easier when devving on BBOT. Whether you're extending BBOT by writing a module or working on its core engine, these functions are designed to act as useful machine parts to perform essential tasks, such as making a web request or executing a DNS query.

The vast majority of these helpers can be accessed directly from the .helpers attribute of a scan or module, like so:

class MyModule(BaseModule):


    async def handle_event(self, event):
        # Web Request
        response = await self.helpers.request("")

        # DNS query
        for ip in await self.helpers.resolve(""):

        # Execute shell command
        completed_process = self.run_process("ls", "-l")

        # Split a DNS name into subdomain / domain
        # ("www.internal", "")

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