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Configuration Overview

BBOT has a YAML config at ~/.config/bbot. This config is different from the command-line arguments. This is where you change settings such as BBOT's HTTP proxy, rate limits, or global User-Agent. It's also where you put modules' API keys.

For a list of all possible config options, see:

For examples of common config changes, see Tips and Tricks.

Configuration Files

BBOT loads its config from the following files, in this order:

  • ~/.config/bbot/bbot.yml <-- Use this one as your main config
  • ~/.config/bbot/secrets.yml <-- Use this one for sensitive stuff like API keys
  • command line (--config) <-- Use this to specify a custom config file or override individual config options

These config files will be automatically created for you when you first run BBOT.

YAML Config vs Command Line

You can specify config options either via the command line or the config. For example, if you want to proxy your BBOT scan through a local proxy like Burp Suite, you could either do:

# send BBOT traffic through an HTTP proxy
bbot -t --config http_proxy=

Or, in ~/.config/bbot/config.yml:


These two are equivalent.

Config options specified via the command-line take precedence over all others. You can give BBOT a custom config file with --config myconf.yml, or individual arguments like this: --config modules.shodan_dns.api_key=deadbeef. To display the full and current BBOT config, including any command-line arguments, use bbot --current-config.

Note that placing the following in bbot.yml:

    api_key: deadbeef
Is the same as:
bbot --config modules.shodan_dns.api_key=deadbeef

Global Config Options

Below is a full list of the config options supported, along with their defaults.


# BBOT working directory
home: ~/.bbot
# Don't output events that are further than this from the main scope
# 1 == 1 hope away from main scope
# 0 == in scope only
scope_report_distance: 0
# Generate new DNS_NAME and IP_ADDRESS events through DNS resolution
dns_resolution: true
# Limit the number of BBOT threads
max_threads: 25
# Rate-limit DNS
dns_queries_per_second: 1000
# Rate-limit HTTP
web_requests_per_second: 100
# Interval for displaying status messages
status_frequency: 15
# HTTP proxy
# Web user-agent
user_agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36 Edg/119.0.2151.97
# Include the raw data of files (i.e. PDFs, web screenshots) as base64 in the event
file_blobs: false
# Include the raw data of directories (i.e. git repos) as tar.gz base64 in the event
folder_blobs: false

### WEB SPIDER ###

# Set the maximum number of HTTP links that can be followed in a row (0 == no spidering allowed)
web_spider_distance: 0
# Set the maximum directory depth for the web spider
web_spider_depth: 1
# Set the maximum number of links that can be followed per page
web_spider_links_per_page: 25


# How far out from the main scope to search
scope_search_distance: 0
# How far out from the main scope to resolve DNS names / IPs
scope_dns_search_distance: 1
# Limit how many DNS records can be followed in a row (stop malicious/runaway DNS records)
dns_resolve_distance: 5

# Infer certain events from others, e.g. IPs from IP ranges, DNS_NAMEs from URLs, etc.
speculate: True
# Passively search event data for URLs, hostnames, emails, etc.
excavate: True
# Summarize activity at the end of a scan
aggregate: True

# HTTP timeout (for Python requests; API calls, etc.)
http_timeout: 10
# HTTP timeout (for httpx)
httpx_timeout: 5
# Custom HTTP headers (e.g. cookies, etc.)
# in the format { "Header-Key": "header_value" }
# These are attached to all in-scope HTTP requests
# Note that some modules (e.g. github) may end up sending these to out-of-scope resources
http_headers: {}
# HTTP retries (for Python requests; API calls, etc.)
http_retries: 1
# HTTP retries (for httpx)
httpx_retries: 1
# Enable/disable debug messages for web requests/responses
http_debug: false
# Maximum number of HTTP redirects to follow
http_max_redirects: 5
# DNS query timeout
dns_timeout: 5
# How many times to retry DNS queries
dns_retries: 1
# Disable BBOT's smart DNS wildcard handling for select domains
dns_wildcard_ignore: []
# How many sanity checks to make when verifying wildcard DNS
# Increase this value if BBOT's wildcard detection isn't working
dns_wildcard_tests: 10
# Skip DNS requests for a certain domain and rdtype after encountering this many timeouts or SERVFAILs
# This helps prevent faulty DNS servers from hanging up the scan
dns_abort_threshold: 50
# Don't show PTR records containing IP addresses
dns_filter_ptrs: true
# Enable/disable debug messages for dns queries
dns_debug: false
# Whether to verify SSL certificates
ssl_verify: false
# How many scan results to keep before cleaning up the older ones
keep_scans: 20
# Completely ignore URLs with these extensions
    # images
    - png
    - jpg
    - bmp
    - ico
    - jpeg
    - gif
    - svg
    - webp
    # web/fonts
    - css
    - woff
    - woff2
    - ttf
    - eot
    - sass
    - scss
    # audio
    - mp3
    - m4a
    - wav
    - flac
    # video
    - mp4
    - mkv
    - avi
    - wmv
    - mov
    - flv
    - webm
# Distribute URLs with these extensions only to httpx (these are omitted from output)
    - js
# Don't output these types of events (they are still distributed to modules)
    - RAW_TEXT
    # - IP_ADDRESS
# URL of BBOT server
agent_url: ''
# Agent Bearer authentication token
agent_token: ''

# Custom interactsh server settings
interactsh_server: null
interactsh_token: null
interactsh_disable: false

# For performance reasons, always skip these DNS queries
# Microsoft's DNS infrastructure is misconfigured so that certain queries to always time out

# temporary fix to boost scan performance
# TODO: remove this when is merged
target_dns_regex_disable: false

Module Config Options

Many modules accept their own configuration options. These options have the ability to change their behavior. For example, the nmap module accepts options for ports, timing, etc. Below is a list of all possible module config options.

Config Option Type Description Default
modules.baddns.custom_nameservers list Force BadDNS to use a list of custom nameservers []
modules.baddns.only_high_confidence bool Do not emit low-confidence or generic detections False
modules.baddns_zone.custom_nameservers list Force BadDNS to use a list of custom nameservers []
modules.baddns_zone.only_high_confidence bool Do not emit low-confidence or generic detections False
modules.bucket_amazon.permutations bool Whether to try permutations False
modules.bucket_azure.permutations bool Whether to try permutations False
modules.bucket_digitalocean.permutations bool Whether to try permutations False
modules.bucket_firebase.permutations bool Whether to try permutations False
modules.bucket_google.permutations bool Whether to try permutations False
modules.ffuf.extensions str Optionally include a list of extensions to extend the keyword with (comma separated)
modules.ffuf.lines int take only the first N lines from the wordlist when finding directories 5000
modules.ffuf.max_depth int the maximum directory depth to attempt to solve 0
modules.ffuf.version str ffuf version 2.0.0
modules.ffuf.wordlist str Specify wordlist to use when finding directories
modules.ffuf_shortnames.extensions str Optionally include a list of extensions to extend the keyword with (comma separated)
modules.ffuf_shortnames.find_common_prefixes bool Attempt to automatically detect common prefixes and make additional ffuf runs against them False
modules.ffuf_shortnames.find_delimiters bool Attempt to detect common delimiters and make additional ffuf runs against them True
modules.ffuf_shortnames.ignore_redirects bool Explicitly ignore redirects (301,302) True
modules.ffuf_shortnames.lines int take only the first N lines from the wordlist when finding directories 1000000
modules.ffuf_shortnames.max_depth int the maximum directory depth to attempt to solve 1
modules.ffuf_shortnames.version str ffuf version 2.0.0
modules.ffuf_shortnames.wordlist str Specify wordlist to use when finding directories
modules.ffuf_shortnames.wordlist_extensions str Specify wordlist to use when making extension lists
modules.filedownload.base_64_encoded_file str Stream the bytes of a file and encode them in base 64 for event data. false
modules.filedownload.extensions list File extensions to download ['bak', 'bash', 'bashrc', 'conf', 'cfg', 'crt', 'csv', 'db', 'sqlite', 'doc', 'docx', 'exe', 'ica', 'indd', 'ini', 'jar', 'key', 'pub', 'log', 'markdown', 'md', 'msi', 'odg', 'odp', 'ods', 'odt', 'pdf', 'pem', 'pps', 'ppsx', 'ppt', 'pptx', 'ps1', 'raw', 'rdp', 'sh', 'sql', 'swp', 'sxw', 'tar', 'tar.gz', 'zip', 'txt', 'vbs', 'wpd', 'xls', 'xlsx', 'xml', 'yml', 'yaml']
modules.filedownload.max_filesize str Cancel download if filesize is greater than this size 10MB
modules.fingerprintx.skip_common_web bool Skip common web ports such as 80, 443, 8080, 8443, etc. True
modules.fingerprintx.version str fingerprintx version 1.1.4
modules.gitlab.api_key str Gitlab access token
modules.gowitness.idle_timeout int Skip the current gowitness batch if it stalls for longer than this many seconds 1800
modules.gowitness.output_path str Where to save screenshots
modules.gowitness.resolution_x int Screenshot resolution x 1440
modules.gowitness.resolution_y int Screenshot resolution y 900 bool Whether to screenshot social media webpages True
modules.gowitness.threads int How many gowitness threads to spawn (default is number of CPUs x 2) 0
modules.gowitness.timeout int Preflight check timeout 10
modules.gowitness.version str Gowitness version 2.4.2
modules.httpx.in_scope_only bool Only visit web resources that are in scope. True
modules.httpx.max_response_size int Max response size in bytes 5242880
modules.httpx.probe_all_ips bool Probe all the ips associated with same host False
modules.httpx.store_responses bool Save raw HTTP responses to scan folder False
modules.httpx.threads int Number of httpx threads to use 50
modules.httpx.version str httpx version 1.2.5
modules.iis_shortnames.detect_only bool Only detect the vulnerability and do not run the shortname scanner True
modules.iis_shortnames.max_node_count int Limit how many nodes to attempt to resolve on any given recursion branch 50
modules.masscan.ping_first bool Only portscan hosts that reply to pings False
modules.masscan.ping_only bool Ping sweep only, no portscan False
modules.masscan.ports str Ports to scan
modules.masscan.rate int Rate in packets per second 600
modules.masscan.top_ports int Top ports to scan (default 100) (to override, specify 'ports') 100
modules.masscan.use_cache bool Instead of scanning, use the results from the previous scan False
modules.masscan.wait int Seconds to wait for replies after scan is complete 5
modules.nmap.ports str Ports to scan
modules.nmap.skip_host_discovery bool skip host discovery (-Pn) True
modules.nmap.timing str -T<0-5>: Set timing template (higher is faster) T4
modules.nmap.top_ports int Top ports to scan (default 100) (to override, specify 'ports') 100
modules.ntlm.try_all bool Try every NTLM endpoint False
modules.nuclei.batch_size int Number of targets to send to Nuclei per batch (default 200) 200
modules.nuclei.budget int Used in budget mode to set the number of requests which will be allotted to the nuclei scan 1
modules.nuclei.concurrency int maximum number of templates to be executed in parallel (default 25) 25
modules.nuclei.directory_only bool Filter out 'file' URL event (default True) True
modules.nuclei.etags str tags to exclude from the scan
modules.nuclei.mode str manual | technology | severe | budget. Technology: Only activate based on technology events that match nuclei tags (nuclei -as mode). Manual (DEFAULT): Fully manual settings. Severe: Only critical and high severity templates without intrusive. Budget: Limit Nuclei to a specified number of HTTP requests manual
modules.nuclei.ratelimit int maximum number of requests to send per second (default 150) 150
modules.nuclei.retries int number of times to retry a failed request (default 0) 0
modules.nuclei.severity str Filter based on severity field available in the template.
modules.nuclei.silent bool Don't display nuclei's banner or status messages False
modules.nuclei.tags str execute a subset of templates that contain the provided tags
modules.nuclei.templates str template or template directory paths to include in the scan
modules.nuclei.version str nuclei version 3.2.0
modules.oauth.try_all bool Check for OAUTH/IODC on every subdomain and URL. False
modules.paramminer_cookies.http_extract bool Attempt to find additional wordlist words from the HTTP Response True
modules.paramminer_cookies.skip_boring_words bool Remove commonly uninteresting words from the wordlist True
modules.paramminer_cookies.wordlist str Define the wordlist to be used to derive cookies
modules.paramminer_getparams.http_extract bool Attempt to find additional wordlist words from the HTTP Response True
modules.paramminer_getparams.skip_boring_words bool Remove commonly uninteresting words from the wordlist True
modules.paramminer_getparams.wordlist str Define the wordlist to be used to derive headers
modules.paramminer_headers.http_extract bool Attempt to find additional wordlist words from the HTTP Response True
modules.paramminer_headers.skip_boring_words bool Remove commonly uninteresting words from the wordlist True
modules.paramminer_headers.wordlist str Define the wordlist to be used to derive headers
modules.robots.include_allow bool Include 'Allow' Entries True
modules.robots.include_disallow bool Include 'Disallow' Entries True
modules.robots.include_sitemap bool Include 'sitemap' entries False
modules.secretsdb.min_confidence int Only use signatures with this confidence score or higher 99
modules.secretsdb.signatures str File path or URL to YAML signatures
modules.sslcert.skip_non_ssl bool Don't try common non-SSL ports True
modules.sslcert.timeout float Socket connect timeout in seconds 5.0
modules.telerik.exploit_RAU_crypto bool Attempt to confirm any RAU AXD detections are vulnerable False
modules.url_manipulation.allow_redirects bool Allowing redirects will sometimes create false positives. Disallowing will sometimes create false negatives. Allowed by default. True
modules.vhost.force_basehost str Use a custom base host (e.g. instead of the default behavior of using the current URL
modules.vhost.lines int take only the first N lines from the wordlist when finding directories 5000
modules.vhost.wordlist str Wordlist containing subdomains
modules.wafw00f.generic_detect bool When no specific WAF detections are made, try to perform a generic detect True
modules.wpscan.api_key str WPScan API Key
modules.wpscan.connection_timeout int The connection timeout in seconds (default 30) 30
modules.wpscan.disable_tls_checks bool Disables the SSL/TLS certificate verification (Default True) True
modules.wpscan.enumerate str Enumeration Process see wpscan help documentation (default: vp,vt,tt,cb,dbe,u,m) vp,vt,tt,cb,dbe,u,m
modules.wpscan.force bool Do not check if the target is running WordPress or returns a 403 False
modules.wpscan.request_timeout int The request timeout in seconds (default 60) 60
modules.wpscan.threads int How many wpscan threads to spawn (default is 5) 5
modules.anubisdb.limit int Limit the number of subdomains returned per query (increasing this may slow the scan due to garbage results from this API) 1000
modules.bevigil.api_key str BeVigil OSINT API Key
modules.bevigil.urls bool Emit URLs in addition to DNS_NAMEs False
modules.binaryedge.api_key str BinaryEdge API key
modules.binaryedge.max_records int Limit results to help prevent exceeding API quota 1000
modules.bucket_file_enum.file_limit int Limit the number of files downloaded per bucket 50
modules.builtwith.api_key str Builtwith API key
modules.builtwith.redirects bool Also look up inbound and outbound redirects True
modules.c99.api_key str API key
modules.censys.api_id str API ID
modules.censys.api_secret str API Secret
modules.censys.max_pages int Maximum number of pages to fetch (100 results per page) 5
modules.chaos.api_key str Chaos API key
modules.credshed.credshed_url str URL of credshed server
modules.credshed.password str Credshed password
modules.credshed.username str Credshed username
modules.dehashed.api_key str DeHashed API Key
modules.dehashed.username str Email Address associated with your API key
modules.dnscaa.dns_names bool emit DNS_NAME events True
modules.dnscaa.emails bool emit EMAIL_ADDRESS events True
modules.dnscaa.in_scope_only bool Only check in-scope domains True
modules.dnscaa.urls bool emit URL_UNVERIFIED events True
modules.dnscommonsrv.max_event_handlers int How many instances of the module to run concurrently 10 int How many of the top SRV records to check 50
modules.docker_pull.all_tags bool Download all tags from each registry (Default False) False
modules.docker_pull.output_folder str Folder to download docker repositories to
modules.fullhunt.api_key str FullHunt API Key
modules.git_clone.api_key str Github token
modules.git_clone.output_folder str Folder to clone repositories to
modules.github_codesearch.api_key str Github token
modules.github_codesearch.limit int Limit code search to this many results 100
modules.github_org.api_key str Github token
modules.github_org.include_member_repos bool Also enumerate organization members' repositories False
modules.github_org.include_members bool Enumerate organization members True
modules.github_workflows.api_key str Github token
modules.github_workflows.num_logs int For each workflow fetch the last N successful runs logs (max 100) 1
modules.hunterio.api_key str Hunter.IO API key
modules.internetdb.show_open_ports bool Display OPEN_TCP_PORT events in output, even if they didn't lead to an interesting discovery False
modules.ip2location.api_key str API Key
modules.ip2location.lang str Translation information(ISO639-1). The translation is only applicable for continent, country, region and city name.
modules.ipneighbor.num_bits int Netmask size (in CIDR notation) to check. Default is 4 bits (16 hosts) 4
modules.ipstack.api_key str IPStack GeoIP API Key
modules.leakix.api_key str LeakIX API Key
modules.massdns.max_depth int How many subdomains deep to brute force, i.e. 5
modules.massdns.max_mutations int Max number of smart mutations per subdomain 500
modules.massdns.max_resolvers int Number of concurrent massdns resolvers 1000
modules.massdns.wordlist str Subdomain wordlist URL
modules.passivetotal.api_key str RiskIQ API Key
modules.passivetotal.username str RiskIQ Username
modules.pgp.search_urls list PGP key servers to search ['<query>', '<query>']
modules.securitytrails.api_key str SecurityTrails API key
modules.shodan_dns.api_key str Shodan API key
modules.trufflehog.concurrency int Number of concurrent workers 8
modules.trufflehog.only_verified bool Only report credentials that have been verified True
modules.trufflehog.version str trufflehog version 3.75.1
modules.unstructured.extensions list File extensions to parse ['bak', 'bash', 'bashrc', 'conf', 'cfg', 'crt', 'csv', 'db', 'sqlite', 'doc', 'docx', 'ica', 'indd', 'ini', 'key', 'pub', 'log', 'markdown', 'md', 'odg', 'odp', 'ods', 'odt', 'pdf', 'pem', 'pps', 'ppsx', 'ppt', 'pptx', 'ps1', 'rdp', 'sh', 'sql', 'swp', 'sxw', 'txt', 'vbs', 'wpd', 'xls', 'xlsx', 'xml', 'yml', 'yaml']
modules.unstructured.ignore_folders list Subfolders to ignore when crawling downloaded folders ['.git']
modules.urlscan.urls bool Emit URLs in addition to DNS_NAMEs False
modules.virustotal.api_key str VirusTotal API Key
modules.wayback.garbage_threshold int Dedupe similar urls if they are in a group of this size or higher (lower values == less garbage data) 10
modules.wayback.urls bool emit URLs in addition to DNS_NAMEs False
modules.zoomeye.api_key str ZoomEye API key
modules.zoomeye.include_related bool Include domains which may be related to the target False
modules.zoomeye.max_pages int How many pages of results to fetch 20
output_modules.asset_inventory.output_file str Set a custom output file
output_modules.asset_inventory.recheck bool When use_previous=True, don't retain past details like open ports or findings. Instead, allow them to be rediscovered by the new scan False
output_modules.asset_inventory.summary_netmask int Subnet mask to use when summarizing IP addresses at end of scan 16
output_modules.asset_inventory.use_previous bool Emit previous asset inventory as new events (use in conjunction with -n <old_scan_name>) False
output_modules.csv.output_file str Output to CSV file
output_modules.discord.event_types list Types of events to send ['VULNERABILITY', 'FINDING']
output_modules.discord.min_severity str Only allow VULNERABILITY events of this severity or higher LOW
output_modules.discord.webhook_url str Discord webhook URL
output_modules.emails.output_file str Output to file
output_modules.http.bearer str Authorization Bearer token
output_modules.http.method str HTTP method POST
output_modules.http.password str Password (basic auth)
output_modules.http.siem_friendly bool Format JSON in a SIEM-friendly way for ingestion into Elastic, Splunk, etc. False
output_modules.http.timeout int HTTP timeout 10
output_modules.http.url str Web URL
output_modules.http.username str Username (basic auth)
output_modules.human.console bool Output to console True
output_modules.human.output_file str Output to file
output_modules.json.console bool Output to console False
output_modules.json.output_file str Output to file
output_modules.json.siem_friendly bool Output JSON in a SIEM-friendly format for ingestion into Elastic, Splunk, etc. False
output_modules.neo4j.password str Neo4j password bbotislife
output_modules.neo4j.uri str Neo4j server + port bolt://localhost:7687
output_modules.neo4j.username str Neo4j username neo4j
output_modules.slack.event_types list Types of events to send ['VULNERABILITY', 'FINDING']
output_modules.slack.min_severity str Only allow VULNERABILITY events of this severity or higher LOW
output_modules.slack.webhook_url str Discord webhook URL
output_modules.splunk.hectoken str HEC Token
output_modules.splunk.index str Index to send data to
output_modules.splunk.source str Source path to be added to the metadata
output_modules.splunk.timeout int HTTP timeout 10
output_modules.splunk.url str Web URL
output_modules.subdomains.include_unresolved bool Include unresolved subdomains in output False
output_modules.subdomains.output_file str Output to file
output_modules.teams.event_types list Types of events to send ['VULNERABILITY', 'FINDING']
output_modules.teams.min_severity str Only allow VULNERABILITY events of this severity or higher LOW
output_modules.teams.webhook_url str Discord webhook URL
output_modules.web_report.css_theme_file str CSS theme URL for HTML output
output_modules.web_report.output_file str Output to file
output_modules.websocket.preserve_graph bool Preserve full chains of events in the graph (prevents orphans) True
output_modules.websocket.token str Authorization Bearer token
output_modules.websocket.url str Web URL
internal_modules.speculate.max_hosts int Max number of IP_RANGE hosts to convert into IP_ADDRESS events 65536
internal_modules.speculate.ports str The set of ports to speculate on 80,443